The Best Sock Helpers For The Disabled and Elderly

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Comparison Table of Sock Aid Tools
RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles
EasyComforts Deluxe Easy-Pull Hosiery Aid
Sock Slider
Sock Horse – Sock Aid
Stockeez PRO Compression Stocking Donner
Sock-eez Compression Sock Removal Aid Sock Assistive Device

For those with mobility problems and disability, putting on socks can be a challenging and exhausting task. Have you ever struggled with your socks? Many people with musculoskeletal disabilities and other chronic conditions that limit range of motion, merely putting on medically necessary footwear like compression stocking or even regular fashion footwear can be impossible to do alone. Assistive devices like a sock aid help by giving back disabled or elderly individuals the dignity of putting on their own socks. This small self-care activity did independently can provide a sense of autonomy that actually improves mental well-being and quality of life.

These tools for pulling on socks come in several types but all give users independence. Would you like to help someone you love have more self-reliance or have that activity back for yourself?  Sock aids make life easier and are just one useful practical assistive living device to give disabled people back the ability to do things on their own. Assistive living tools help users general overall health by reducing their sense dependence. The best sock helper aid makes for easy on and easy off. A well-engineered sock helper can help you put notoriously annoying compression stockings on without pain.

Comparison Table of Sock Aid Tools

Name of product Materials Suits Compression
Adjustability Special Features Warranty
Semi-Flexible Plastic Shell with Nylon Rope and Foam Handles Yes
Can accommodate large size range and rope length is fully adjustable Long ropes for reach and sock gripping foam pad Satisfaction Guaranteed and Lifetime Limited Warranty
Coated Welded Metal Yes,
intended for such
None metal construction N/A
Rigid Plastic Yes and has assistive tab
on handle for these
Fits most sizes and styles of footwear Shoehorn, Secure when on floor, educational materials provided, handle also can help take off socks, and assist users in putting on shoes, breaks into sections for trave N/A
Rigid Plastic solid construction with semi-flexible sides and rubber sock grips Yes, but with limitations stated by maker
but not reflected in actual user reviews
Pull rope at top increases reach and leverage Ease of use is excellent, shoehorn can be used for sock removal N/A
Hard Plastic and Metal telescoping pull handle Yes. Specifically designed for ease
of putting on compression stockings
Comes in two sizes Unique handle allows knee socks to reach knees, patented mechanism, portable and lightweight N/A
Hard plastic ergonomic shape Yes, intended to make compression
stocking removal easy and faster
One Size Fits All Protects compression footwear and ergonomic design to assist in removal of compression footwear N/A

Best Sock Aid Devices

1. RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles – A Sock Helper for the Elderly and Disabled Review

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handle

The RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles a popular sock assist tool for the elderly and top sock helper on Amazon. It has a semi-rigid plastic shell. It has a slip resistant foam pad that grips the sock in place on the device and is replaceable from the manufacturer.

It has a satisfaction guaranteed and limited lifetime warranty included. The handles are made of soft but strong nylon rope and has thick foam gripping handles on each rope for those with weak hand strength. The lengths of the handles used to pull on the socks are adjustable as are the foam grips to provide the best leverage with minimal effort to get your socks on.

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles: A How To Use Video

Pros of the product

  • Could be very well suited for those needing a device to help put on socks due to weak hands and upper extremity mobility issues as it has soft large foam grips, fits a large range of foot sizes and is suitable for all footwear.
  • The handles and pulleys are fully adjustable.
  • The warranty means problems and replacement foam handles and slip resistant sock holding pads are available.
  • It is affordable.
  • It works with athletic, dress socks), light knee-high compression socks and casual socks.
  • It is the top sock slider on Amazon

Cons of the product

  • The stiffer plastic foot insertion sleeve does not do well with strong compression socks and has either bent closed or cracked in some user reports.
  • It is not recommended for above calf compression stockings or high-level compression stockings.
  • People with extremely small or large feet could find device a less flexible sock aid.
  • The RMS Deluxe Sock Aid does require some arm strength and leverage to use with footwear.
  • The non-slip pad can possibly cause runs or stretch delicate hosiery.
  • It is a sock aid to pull on socks only.
  • Additional assistive aids are required to remove socks for the disabled or elderly.

2. Deluxe Easy-Pull Hosiery Aid – Sock Assistive Device Review

Deluxe Easy-Pull Hosiery Aid

This sock assist tool is built of a powder coated metal frame upon which a sock or stocking is stretched over.

It is intended for high-level compression and medical stockings.

The handles to pull up footwear are integrated into the spot frame. Instead of a shell or chute like many sock aids, it requires the footwear to be stretched over the internal wire frame and the external wire frame is used as handles.

EasyComforts Deluxe Easy-Pull Hosiery Aid: How to Use Video

Pros of the product

  • It is designed for those needing a heavier duty assistive device for putting on socks like tight medical stockings.
  • Coated metal is easy to clean. It is similar to the classic sock aid device the Jobst Stocking Donner but cheaper.

Cons of the product

  • There are many reports of the frame snapping and the device breaking apart under the pressure of the compression stockings in reviews.
  • The metal frame is possibly too narrow and the handles too short to assist users who cannot bend at the waist.
  • In display images, it does not appear to extend the users grip and could be difficult to reach the unit or place it on the floor.
  • No padding or foam on the handles.

3. Sock Slider Review – The Easy on Easy off Sock Aid Kit & Shoe Horn – A Full Function Sock Assist Tool

Sock Slider Review

This is the sock aid best known for being ”as seen on TV”.  It uses a base and cradle type design in a sock helper and is intended as a sock helper for easy on easy off dressing for the disabled. It comes with a removable handle that extends reach for those who cannot bend and can also be used to remove socks.

The handle can also be used to help people slip their feet into shoes. The handle can be used for pulling socks up further on your calf as well. It is made of hard plastic and the socks are stretched over the cradle part and the aid is placed on the floor. It has soft rubber grips on the cradle base to hold it securely in place on the floor along with the handle. It works for men and women. It collapses for easy travel.

Sock Slider Video: How to Use

Pros of the product

  • The stable design allows users to fold socks over the cradle and it can insert feet into crew and mini crew length and shorter socks without additional tools.
  • The sock cradle is long enough to easily help people completely put on ankle length socks.
  • If additional help is needed to pull a sock higher up, the detachable handle has a “Lifting Tab for Compression and Tube Socks”, located on the handle.
  • It is made for all foot sizes and genders. Sock Slider comes with educational materials to help users get the most functionality from it.
  • The educational materials demonstrate how to use the device and prove the sock aid easy on easy off tagline is apropos.
  • A user reports that their size 12 men’s compression socks were compatible with this sock aid and others have used it with tubular compression bandages.
  • The handle and rubber base provide leverage and an increase on reach when cradle is on the floor.
  • This one says it can be used with “no bending, stretching, or straining” which would might make it very well suited for people with ligament and tendon conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or whom are recovering from an injury.
  • This sock aid claims to be useful in late pregnancy as well.
  • The included shoehorn is ergonomically designed to help people get into slip-on shoes.
  • It can be taken apart easily for storage/travel.

Cons of the product

  • Some users at Amazon have complained about the difficulty of using the cradle with compression footwear and the difficulty of stretching a compression sock over the cradle.
  • There are some that state it does not work well with loose socks.
  • The sock glider has the typical complaints of all assistive products related to sizing. See Pros.
  • The handle may not provide enough of an extension so for some users; it may still require some bending at the waist.
  • Reviewers on Amazon with weak hand grips or pain can have a hard time stretching compression footwear over the cradle so for those with arthritis, it could potentially be uncomfortable to operate and therefore unusable.
  • Educational materials must be read/used.

4. Sock Horse – Easy On Easy Off Sock Assist Tool Review

Sock Horse Review

The Sock Horse is a very simple to help put on socks. It is a long handle that allows a seated person to not have to bend over. It is a single piece of semi-rigid plastic with rubber grips on both sides. It requires only 4 steps from placing sock on the Sock Horse to having your foot comfortably in your chosen footwear.

It is a long chute with rubber grips to hold the sock open and securely as you insert your foot into your sock and slide the device over your foot and up your leg. It also has a rope attached to the top end for additional reach to minimize uncomfortable bending or reaching for the elderly or disabled. It is prepared using ones thighs to compress the chute sides closer to load the sock on the Sock Horse and folding the ends of the sock over the rubber grips to secure the footwear.

It works for both women’s and men’s footwear and is intended to make putting on sport, diabetic socks, knee high hosiery, pant socks, and many types of knee-high compression stockings. It also doubles as a shoehorn and shoe stabilizer to assist people placing their feet shoes that slip on. It has the same functions named in the Sock Slider review but different looks and simplified. It is taupe with white grips and is made in the USA.

Sock Horse Video: How To Use

Pros of the product

  • It is incredibly simple to use and learn how to operate, so could be quite easy to use as a sock helper by the disabled.
  • It has gentle grips that are intended to not stretch delicate footwear.
  • The stiff plastic can be squeezed between your thighs to place your socks on so it lets you use both hands to put a sock on the Sock Horse.
  • Reviewer’s state it can even be used with only one hand if your leg muscles are strong enough to compress the sides and use one hand to work the sock onto the rubber grips.
  • Your foot never has to touch the device so slipping into a sock is likely more comfortable for those who are pressure sensitive, have allodynia and require a pain free sock on foot installer, so to speak.
  • It receives much user praise from women who near no-show low cut socks.
  • The shoehorn part can also be used to help take off socks according to multiple reviewers.
  • The windsock it creates when a sock is attached seems to make it an excellent “sock puller upper” as a knee-high sock can be pulled up fully.
  • Many reviewers report ease of operation for compression stockings and it is given very positive reviews by men with shoes sizes including size 16.

Cons of the product

  • The Show Horse is not meant for helping people put on compression hose.
  • Using it with knee high or shorter compression stockings to be best use and this limitation is supported in Amazon’s Q&A about this sock aid.
  • High compression levels have been stated to damage the device in some reviews.
  • If you have limited arm strength or manual dexterity concerns the sock aid may be hard to fit socks on, especially socks that are high compression.
  • This device could potentially be physically taxing to use by those without the ability to use their thighs and leg muscles, as you require leg strength to squeeze the device together in order to put a sock on it.
  • Those with paraplegia will not be able to benefit at all from this sock slider on Amazon.
  • It is not adjustable in width except by squeezing the sides together.
  • The Shoe Horse is not compact and is not flexible or so it should likely not be categorized as being very travel-friendly

5. Stockeez PRO Compression Stocking Donner – Sock Assist Review

Stockeez PRO Compression Stocking Donner Review

The Stockeez is different in design amongst the other sock and stocking aid devices reviewed here as it is designed to exclusively to help make putting on tight and thick compression stockings easy.

The Stockeez is made for pulling up open and closed toe compression stockings and TED hose but also works on other socks and hosiery. This compression sock aid pull on has a unique patented slider mechanism and telescoping metal handle that lifts the stocking up the knee. It comes in two sizes for calf circumference up to 17″ (calf circumference of 17 “ or greater.)

Stockeez PRO Compression Stocking Donner : A Sock Aid How to Use Instruction Video

Pros of the product

  • The Stockeez is designed for the tight stiff construction of medical footwear.
  • The telescoping handle mechanism seems to be smooth and easy to operate.
  • It is a very compact sock aid.
  • It offers two sizes so buyers can choose one that will fit them better.

Cons of the product

  • The Stockeez compression sock helper for the disabled and elderly is more expensive than most of the other sock assist tools.
  • The handle requires the necessary upper body strength to pull up a compression sock and it can be hard to pull one up quickly even with a strong upper body.
  • Those with low upper body strength or arm/shoulder/back pain can experience pain from exerting the strength needed to pull up socks.

6. Sock-eez Compression Sock Removal Aid – Sock Assistive Device Review

Sock-eez Compression Sock Removal Aid Review

The Sock-eez is an ergonomically made device of blue plastic used to remove compression socks, stockings and hosiery without physical exertion, It is an assisted daily living dressing aid intended to help the elderly and the physically disabled to remove even the maximum level compression hose using a single strain-free motion.

You insert it and push sock down and then can use it to push sock off of your foot without damaging the stocking. It works on all other types of socks as well.

Sock-eez PRO Compression Stocking Donner Video: How to Use

Pros of the product

  • The Sockeez has excellent reviews and is reported to be easy to use.
  • It is reviewed and used even by those with paraplegia to remove compression hosiery.
  • It has been stated to help slip off socks for carpal tunnel patients with no grip strength so is likely a good choice for those with need for sock help and whom have hand and arm effecting disabilities.
  • It is given a great deal of praise for making the removal of compression hose a faster process than it can be if doing it manually and people back the claim that this sock remover reduces back strain and postural discomfort.
  • Several reviews from caregivers reported that this protect has allowed their elderly parents or disabled partners to have more independence and self-esteem when combined with a an additional aid to help put socks on

Cons of the product

  • The single piece molded plastic can bend or break if excessive force is used with it.
  • There are users with ankle range of movement limitations that find the device difficult to use.
  • It is a very firm plastic so those with delicate skin, wounds, or are on blood thinners should be careful using it to avoid abrasions or bruising.
  • It is more expensive than many dressing sticks and other assistive dressing aids that are in this category.
  • The Sockeez is also not reported by users to be well suited to remove over-the-knee compression stockings with comfort or quickly.
  • It is lauded in reviews for its speedy removal of high compression knee-highs however.

Assistive living aids give people with chronic illness and disabilities the ability to live more independently and have a higher sense of self-worth. It can be a source of shame and humiliation for people when they cannot dress themselves due to chronic illness, injury or age. For those who need help putting on socks or pulling up compression socks, dependence can cause depression.

Tools to help dress can battle the stigmas against disability and aging making one a burden on others. Sock aids can be useful for the mental health of our loved ones or us if we struggle with or cannot to do this. Part of being disabled is relearning how to do things in new ways that our bodies allow and it is important to realize these devices allow the disabled and physically limited to have more dignity.

Positive mental well being and a good quality of life of someone can positively effect health. Autonomy and independent living skills have repeatedly been shown in studies to be a major factor in how one deals with their condition and affects their prognosis. Just putting ones silliest socks on without help from a caregiver to go to the doctor can be the start of happiness and healing.